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Now is the time to start addressing your summer skin exposure and renew your complexion for fall. The holidays aren't far away, and you'll want to start now to look your best in holiday pictures.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a great way to build collagen, lighten dark age spots and even skin tone. The procedure is fast and has very little downtime. For a limited time, purchase a series of 3 IPL treatments for only $725 (a savings of $100 if purchased individually!) Don't wait, book your treatments now!

You may also take advantage of Laser Genesis treatments. This is a nonablative treatment that can be used on most skin types. This procedure also has little downtime. Right now, a package of 4 treatments is only $650. (A savings of $150 if purchased individually.)

Feel great everyday and protect the investment you've made in your skin. Ask about Emi-MD products at your next appointment.