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Laser Treatments

» Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Erbium resurfacing

» Hair Removal

» Tattoo Removal

» Vascular lesion ablation

Skin Rejuvination

A variety of options to best rebuild collagen, improve skin texture, rid yourself of brown spots, decrease pore size are available. This includes changes due to acne scarring, aging,  stress, and sun damage.

Hair Removal

Say good-bye to unwanted hair. Technology has come a long way- hair removal is faster and less painful than before.

Tattoo Removal

Have you been wanting to get rid of that old tattoo? Or want to put a new one in its place? Come in for an evaluation to see how well your ink can fade. We do use the Describe patches, to help do the work in fewer treatments.

Acne and Rosacea

Try an IPL designed especially for the problems with rosacea and acne.

Vascular lesions

Show your best skin by zapping those pesky broken capillaries and cherry hemangiomas.

Your Care

Dr. Latham will be sure to assess what kind of treatment maybe best for you, what your expected downtime may be, and post-care instructions.