Laser Genesis


Laser genesis is a laser facial with many benefits. The procedure itself is fast, and is a "lunchtime laser facial." This treatment is comfortable and does not require a numbing cream. Best of all, unlike IPL, this laser can be used on most skin types.

Laser Genesis reaches the deeper layers of the skin to promote collagen production and address sunspots. With heating the deeper layers of the skin, one can also experience a decrease in uneven skin tone and ruddiness. Rosacea and Acne often improve with Laser Genesis treatment. Sun spots will also absorb the laser energy, and crumble off within the next couple weeks.

Prior to your treatment: You will want to avoid the sun. Please stop retinol/retinoids for at least 3 days prior to your treatment. If you are taking any medications that may make you sun sensitive, including any antibiotics, please let us know. Please wait about 4 weeks from your last chemical peel or laser treatment.

Your face will be gently cleansed of makeup. After eye protection has been placed, the treatment will start. The laser is moved rapidly over sections of the face, until the entire face has been treated. You may feel warmth, but it should not be uncomfortable. If you have fine facial hair, it will be removed with this treatment, and it maybe permanent.

Afterward, you may look like you may have a mild sunburn. A tinted sunscreen will be applied prior to your leaving the spa. It is recommended you avoid the sun, and always wear sunscreen. Please do not restart any active skin care (such as retinols/retinoids, scrubs, exfoliants, skin lightening) for about 1-2 weeks. You should wait at least 4 weeks until your next laser treatment or chemical peel. For the next couple of weeks, some treated sunspots may surface and crumble, almost like coffee grounds. This is normal, but try not to scratch or pick at the spots.

It is recommended to have a series of at least 3-6 treatments, and subsequent maintenance treatments as needed to maintain. Packages are available for purchase.