Aquagold Facial Treatment

AQUAGOLD® fine touch™

Aquagold is an excellent treatment that delivers a “finishing touch” to a gorgeous face. The device consists of an empty vial and a lid boasting 20 gold-plated microneedles- each about the width of a human hair. The needles have a corkscrew-type shape which allows the delivery of larger molecule treatments to be delivered into the skin. The components used in Emi-MD's treatment include hyaluronic acid (the same substance used in facial fillers) and neuromodulators (botulinum toxin.)

The process is not painful, but certainly more comfortable after the application of a numbing cream.

There is virtually no downtime, and you will see immediate results.  You can appreciate more changes within the next day. Full results will take about 1 week. Results last about 2 months, but maybe longer or shorter for an individual.

This treatment can be upgraded with the addition of growth factors. Though wonderful on its own, it is a fantastic "finishing touch" in conjunction with subdermal facial fillers as well as intramuscular neuroprotiens.

Aquagold clinical luxury facial