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Aquagold Facial Treatment

AQUAGOLD® fine touch™

Aquagold is an excellent treatment that delivers a “finishing touch” to a gorgeous face. The device consists of an empty vial and a lid boasting 20 gold-plated microneedles- each about the width of a human hair. The needles have a corkscrew-type shape which allows the delivery of larger molecule treatments to be delivered into the skin. The components used in Emi-MDs treatment include hyaluronic acid (the same substance used in facial fillers) and neuromodulators (such as Botox®.)

The process is not painful, but certainly more comfortable with topical numbing cream.

There is virtually no downtime, and you will see immediate results.  You can appreciate more changes the next day. Full results will take about 1 week. Results last about 2 months, but maybe longer or shorter depending on how fast the skin turns-over.

This treatment can be upgraded with the addition of growth factors. Though wonderful on its own, it is a fantastic "finishing touch" in conjunction with subdermal facial fillers as well as intramuscular Botox®.

Aquagold clinical luxury facial