Dr Emi Latham

Meet the Medical Director

Dr. Emi Latham has over 15 years of experience practicing medicine. Through her training and experience in wound care, Dr. Emi has developed an understanding of the skin and the mechanisms of how it is damaged as well as how it is repaired. As such, she has also developed an appreciation of how skin products repair and protect the skin.

Dr. Emi began her expertise in aesthetic training by attending multiple courses focused on understanding facial anatomy and movement. She then pursued private instruction from multiple specialists, including oculoplastic surgery, in Denver, Beverly Hills and San Diego. By obtaining exposure to a wide variety of practices, Dr. Emi has been able to incorporate different approaches into her aesthetic practice.

Dr. Emi understands that everyone has natural beauty and is unique. Dr. Emi will conduct a thorough consultation and discuss options, ensuring you are comfortable with your enhancement plan. Dr. Emi performs all of the treatments; her talent and experience will enrich your allure and give you the confidence that you deserve.

Dr. Emi grew up in San Diego and attended college at UCSD. She then went on to earn her medical doctorate and holds dual board certifications in Emergency and Undersea/Hyperbaric Medicine. Emi actively practices and teaches hyperbarics, dive medicine, and wound care at UCSD.

In her off-time, Emi enjoys travel, scuba diving and cheering for the Padres.

Dr Emi likes to scuba